Punctuation Part IV

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I.     Dash ( -- )
The function of dash is to make a certain piece of information more stressful or more dramatic, as in :
·      Don’t forget—once again do not forget—to post the letter today.
·      We—the students of English Department—practice speaking intensively.
·      The criminals robbed the bank—all the money was taken.
A dash is also used to introduce additional details in order to make a previous piece of information clearer or more vivid. In this case, dash is similar to that is, viz or namely.
·      Indonesian lies between two oceans—the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.
·      The kangaroo—the native animal of Australia—can jump extremely quickly.
·      She plans to go to Singkep –a small island in Riau Province.
This mark may be used to show alternatives; it is often replaced by the word “or”.
·      The lecturer wrote in his grammar book that the verb to depend can be followed by the preposition upon/on.
·      To begin a formal letter, we may write Dear Sir/Madam if we do not know who the receiver is.
·      The three dots might represent something irrelevant or necessity.

J.     Omission Marks (…)
·      “Language … a set of rules … for communication,“ the definition read.
·      “The most important part of speech is verb … “ Hornsby said.
·      “ … two kinds of complements, namely, the subject complement and the object complement.” They concluded.

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