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Words ending in ce and ge
When you want to add a suffix starting with a or o leave the e in.
For example:-
manage + ablemanageable
notice + ablenoticeable
courage + ouscourageous
prestige + ousprestigious

Words ending in ie
When you want to add ing to verbs ending in ie, drop the e and change the i to a y.
For example:-
die - dying
lie - lying
tie - tying
Words ending in y after a consonant
When you want to add suffixes such -as, -ed, -es, -er, -eth, -ly, -ness, -ful and -ous to a word ending in y after a consonant, change the y to an i before adding the suffix.
For example:-
eighty + etheightieth
duty + esduties
lazy + nesslaziness
mystery +ousmysterious
beauty + fulbeautiful
multiply + edmultiplied
busy + lybusily
Words ending in y after a vowel
Keep the y when adding suffixes such as er, ing or ed.
For example:-
You may be confused by some differences in spelling that are actually caused by the differences between American (AmE) and British (BrE) English spelling. It's not that one is right or better and the other wrong or worse, the trick is to learn one form of spelling and stick to it. Try not to mix them up.

-ise vs -ize

-re vs -er

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