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Football is one of the most popular sport in the world. That we know there are many leagues in every countries. Technique of football refers to a player's ability to perform specific mechanical movements such as kicking, trapping or throwing the ball. The mark of an experienced player is smooth, efficient motion and the ability to elegantly transition between different techniques.

Ø  How to improve your football skills ?
Individually, skills are developed through repetition. Select one particular technique (like the instep drive or the outside-of-the-foot dribble) and work exclusively on it for at least 30 minutes. It is very important to do this in rhythm and with as few interruptions as possible. You should notice after the workout that your coordination has improved and that you are more confident with this skill.
Here are some alternatives you may consider:
1.   Working against the wall (great for kicking and controlling)
2.  Using a number of balls (ideal for shooting and curving the ball)
3.  Having a workout buddy (develops one-versus-one skills)
4.  Individual dribbling (technique building)

Ø  What to practice against the wall ?
The wall is most helpful with drills for ball control and kicking. It is important to execute these drills rhythmically and without interruption (25-50 repetitions).
1.    Concentrate on settling the ball with one clean touch. As you get comfortable, start hitting the ball harder and harder. If this seems too easy for you, start checking to the ball instead of waiting for it to arrive. You can repeat this exercise with different surfaces of your body.
2.    Hit the ball against the wall and swiftly turn with it 180 degrees. Get used to moving towards the oncoming ball instead of waiting for it to arrive. Working on these exercises should never feel too easy so make sure to experiment with lofted, bouncing and skipping balls.
3.    Stand with your back towards the wall. Toss the ball up or over your head, turn and volley it at the wall.

Ø  How to practice on your own ?
Individual training is great but unless you have some discipline in your routine, progress will be slow. Always plan ahead of your practice and set goals about what precisely you will do. It is most beneficial to dedicate each session (or perhaps a succession of them) to one particular skill. This means that instead of kicking the ball around, you will be working on a very specific part of your game. In isolation, the primary things you can work on are ball control, dribbling or kicking (passing/shooting).
Start your training session lightly and build up more and more speed until you feel that you have reached your comfort zone. For example, if you are working on ball control, kick the ball against a wall and trap it as it comes back. When this gets boring, start moving towards the ball before it reaches you (as if an enemy marker is behind you.) Eventually, begin to incorporate different turns and fakes when controlling the ball. The general idea is that you push yourself past your “comfort zone” in order to experience gain. Get into a good rhythm and concentrate on performing one particular move or technique.

Ø  What should you work on when training alone ?
There are four distinct aspects of football performance. Some players want to become well rounded while others want to primarily excel in specific areas.
1.    Fitness includes agility, stamina, strength, speed and so on. Lifting weights and running are two straightforward and effective ways of developing your body.
2.    Technique is primarily what you can do with the ball. Ideally, you should be comfortable with it even when under enemy pressure. Exercising against a wall, dribbling around cones or visualization are examples of what you may work on.
3.    Intelligence determines how well you read the game. This is learned from observation and experience. Play in different positions, read books and observe as much football as possible.

Football make us healthy, have fun, cheap, not only that but also we could be famous and proudly our country to go to International. So, we should love and play football.

reference:  http://www.expertfootball.com/

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