Noun Clause

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  • from statement
1.That Ronaldo plays football very well is a general fact.

2.It is a fact that the war has had over.
3.It is a society agreement that the system of the governance developed.
4.That the class is empty, the headmaster knows it.
6.It is a general knowledge that the education foundation is the educational base.
7.The young people agreed that music is the universal language
8.That novel is a hard work, people admit it.
9.That the Rusian used to land on the moon is a general knowledge.
10.That we have done the general election, the international community admitted it.
11.Indonesians students understand that the cost to go to the International University is absolutely expensive

  • From Wh-questions
1.I do not know what you want.
2.The man can not understand what his wives asked for.
3.John remembered where he met Jenny at the first time.
4.The students of English department should have known when they should finish the study.
5.As the international tourists, we should know where to go.
6.I do not know why I can not enjoy my job now.
7.I do not understand why he always complains at me.
8.What you want is something impossible.
9.Where you live is a mystery for me.

  • Yes no questions
1.My schedule will depend on whether he will come.
2.The old man in the corner did not know if he got lost.
3.The judge has no clue whether the suspect should be sentenced to jail or not.

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